What we do?

We improve awareness of the international community, specially educators, with the potential of non-traditional locations in experiential learning, by introducing students to unique and featured destinations, such as Qatar and Oman. Through our work, we help students understand and appreciate non-traditional cultures as they do a

  • Short-term study abroad
  • Internships
  • Volunteering
  • Arabic Language Programs
  • Academic tours
  • Research

Why partner with Marsa Abroad?

If you are one of the destinations that is not in the top 50 choices (link to IIE report at: https://www.iie.org/Research-and-Insights/Project-Atlas/Explore-Data of travelers for learning worldwide, then you may consider a partnership with our organization. We have access to a tremendous network of travelers for learning.

We carefully select destinations and assess its safety and richness as a learning destination before we add it to our list. For example, we chose Qatar as our featured location this year. With its fast-paced modernization and infrastructure for the World Cup 2022, there are very few places like Qatar.

Qatar’s hospitality sector continues to win accolades as it has been ranked best in the Middle East for the second time in 2019. See the Guest Experience in the Middle East Report released by Olery (Link to the report: http://www.olery.com/

Click here We provide wonderful learning packages that attract students from all over the world to your destinations, but we are more than tour operators. Our leadership is composed of educators in the field of student learning for more than 15 years.

Why Organizations Partner With Us

  • By partnering with us, organizations increase traffic of travelers for formal and informal learning such as students, faculty and educators. Overall, partnering with Marsa Abroad improves the rates of academic tourism in specific travel destinations.
  • Employers make use of Marsa Abroad’s international and local network to increase the number of experienced interns , whether from aboard or locally in their own country. Employers may fill out the Request Intern form in order to express their needs in more details.
  • Some organizations in the field of service learning are looking for volunteers to teach English or to coach children from disadvantaged communities in sports. Other organizations are seeking volunteers with different levels of expertise in specific subject matters such as fashion and design, environment and suitability and performing arts. Such organizations benefit from a partnership with Marsa Abroad to improve the pool of volunteers to choose from.

    Click here to learn more about our volunteering programs

Why Higher Education Institutions Partner with Us

  • We support faculty in taking students for research and training opportunities at world class institutions abroad.
  • We help and support colleges and universities in finding internship opportunities for their students locally or internationally.

    Click here to learn more about our internship programs

  • We support faculty and staff in designing their own experiential learning.
  • We increase awareness of graduate and undergraduate students with the potential of higher education institutions in non-traditional locations where student mobility needs a boost.
  • As the international students mobility increases in their campuses, institutions provide more opportunities for their local students to develop multicultural skills and be involved in multicultural dialogue without any expenses incurred by the institutions themselves.

Some ways that partners can help

  • Provide accommodation, meals, airfare, local transportation and/or academic instruction to visiting students at a low or minimum charge (free if possible)
  • Provide research, volunteering, internships and short-term study abroad opportunities to visiting students
  • Consider to annually sponsor a faculty or two who are interested in bringing their students to Qatar for wonderful experiential learning opportunities
  • Provide a grant for faculty who would like to explore Qatar as a study abroad destination and a potential site for experiential learning
  • Sponsor one of the “Qatar 14-Days” programs for academic credit. These programs inspire students from different academic disciplines to visit Qatar and to appreciate the life and the culture in it.
  • The social media accounts of Marsa Abroad continuously display images and videos of life in Qatar, amazing places to visit and the Qatari culture for students and faculty around the world. Consider sponsoring the accounts.

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