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We design experiential hands-on immersive programs that allow students to explore the world and develop skills by contributing to community projects, while gaining a new perspective and experiencing a new culture. Our volunteering program is a unique opportunity for students to apply the skills they learn in classroom. There are opportunities for a broad range of disciplines and skills.

Marsa Abroad helps each volunteer find an opportunity where his or her skills could really make a difference and add value. For example, volunteers with background in learning disabilities, can work with local special education organizations. Others can work with entrepreneurs and nonprofits to improve their business or marketing strategies to help them improve the financial sustainability of their work. Marsa Abroad volunteers can work as sports coaches or English teachers.

Depending on student’s preference, the program can be as short as 2 weeks or as long as 1 year. The more time a participant is able to commit, the greater the impact can be on his or her personal development as well as on the community. We offer programs that are unique because of the high level of project customization for each participant based on their background and interests.

In our web site, we post volunteer projects that are currently available. However these project descriptions are the starting point for a customized experience. Students normally, come with different level of skills in the project. But because volunteers bring new knowledge and build capacity of the organization in ways, neither the organization nor the students imagine before, the project implemented by volunteers, then, evolve to blend volunteer skills with organizational priorities.

Discussions and preparation for the experience starts well in advance before matriculation in the in-country program. When you apply to the program, we give you the opportunity to identify those projects that feel like the best fit with your skills and interests.

We normally, interview you to assess your best fit and may recommend to you other project opportunities that you had not previously considered. Once you have been accepted and placed, we will provide you with insights and advice on how to prepare to make the most of your time in country. After pick up at the local airport, our in-country program coordinators give you a brief orientation.

Volunteer in Sudan

Volunteers in this program, apply a wide range of skills that bring a knowledgeable, outside perspective to ongoing issues and challenges that are faced by the local community. Although grassroots organizations have great knowledge and strengths related to their programs and community, they often have limited access to the specialized set of skills sets perspectives that Marsa Abroad volunteers can bring.

Volunteer in Qatar: And Explore The Culture

Date: 27 Dec 2020 to 10 Jan 2021

Deadline to apply: 14 Nov 2020

Scholarship Opportunities Apply

Volunteer in Sudan: And Explore The Culture

Date: 27 Dec 2020 to 10 Jan 2021

Deadline to apply: 14 Nov 2020

Scholarship Opportunities Apply

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