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Two Weeks Faculty-LED Programs Page

Two weeks programs for academic credit are programs that are designed and led by Marsa Abroad faculty.

Why Enrol in Marsa Abroad Faculty-Led Programs:

  • We take pride in choosing the best faculty in their discipline and we insure that they have significant experience in teaching in well recognized programs and institutions.
  • We carefully choose exciting but unique destinations that help us maximize student’s experiential learning potential. By managing program logistics, assessing the pre-program risk, and safety, and ensuring a high-quality program at a low-cost we design engaging and fulfilling programs for students.
  • We carefully select trips, tours and excursions to improve participants’ cultural experience.

Important information for students:

We offer 3-6 academic credits. Interested students must verify internally with their institution, if the academic credit will be accepted before they apply for the program.

Qatar is Marsa Abroad’s Featured Destination for this Year

Explore Qatar Qatar Event Managment, Hospitality & Tourism 2-Week Program

Date: 3-17 Jan 2021 Credit Hours: 3-6

Deadline to apply:14 Oct 2020

Scholarship Opportunities Apply

Explore Sudan : Sudan Historical Tour and Adventure Through The Ages 2-Week Program

Date: 3-17 Jan 2021 Credit Hours: 3-6

Deadline to apply14 Oct 2020

Scholarship Opportunities Apply

Qatar’s hospitality sector continues to win accolades as it has been ranked best in the Middle East for the second time in 2019.

World-Class Hospitality

Olery Report 2019

“there's just no denying that among Sudan's sweeping hills of sand lie treasures the rest of the world are only just beginning to discover.”

“Is a world-class dive destination”

Lonely Planet

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