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Students who are interested in research opportunities abroad, may request participation in a research program at a specific destination using our common application form to all programs with Marsa Abroad.

There are a number of institutions that we partner with that are providing research assistantship and full scholarships for students who are interested in travelling abroad to conduct research. To indicate your interest, please fill out our common application form

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Areas of Research

Students may travel to gain knowledge or build experience in conducting research in many different areas, to mention a few:

  • Sports Management
  • Event Management
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Arabic Language
  • History/Archeology
  • Religious Studies
  • Service Learning
  • Natural Resources
  • Marine Biology
  • Arts
  • Banking/Business
  • Campus Clubs

We support students by helping faculty establish powerful and lasting study abroad programs on their campuses. In the competitive job market of today, employers want more than educational degrees. Therefore, institutions of higher education need to equip their students with opportunities that goes beyond the traditional classroom. Through Marsa Abroad, faculty take students abroad to widen their horizon and equip them with experiential learning opportunities through research, internships or volunteering. Click here to see sample program of internship.
Click here to see sample program of internship
Based on this ground, we reach out to partners locally in each location to meet the needs and goals of administrators and faculty members. Therefore, our partnership results in powerful learning experiences for all parties: students, faculty and organizations. Apply for a research study abroad opportunity today

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