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Internship Programs

In the competitive job market of today, employers want more than educational degrees. Therefore, students are seeking internship opportunities that will help them build the skills they need for the working place. At Marsa Abroad, we diligently work with employers who provide unique internship opportunities for students. Furthermore, we only partner with employers who have a clear vision for what they want the students to accomplish, provide students with excellent orientation and training and can set up a rewarding work environment.

Areas of Learning

Students may travel to gain knowledge or build experience in many different areas, to mention a few:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business management
  • Information technology
  • Marketing, Media & communications
  • Engineering
  • Health and medical field
  • Teaching and learning
  • Community development

Prime world locations: London, Paris, Tokyo, Singapore, Milan, Barcelona, Madrid, Beijing, Shanghai and Honk Kong.

Marsa Abroad internship program is a hands-on immersive program that allows students and entrepreneurs to travel, explore the world and develop skills by real work experience. Academic credit from the internship experience can be arranged for students who are enrolled in higher education institutions. There are two types of internships:

Internships for travel

Travel to one of the world prime locations. Placements include guaranteed job training and actual work experience that qualifies you for employment, housing, and ongoing support from Marsa Abroad. Placements also commence with a two-day cultural orientation session as well as educational weekend tours.
Marsa Abroad provides all the logistics of travel such as accommodation and transportation. For students accompanied by their families, packages without accommodation are provided.

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Remote Internships

Explore the world and develop skills by real work experience from the comfort and safety of your home. Placements include guaranteed job training and actual work experience that qualify you for employment. Online orientations and career development workshops as well as certificate of completion will be offered.

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