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Explore Qatar: the Land of FIFA Cup

This is an educational 7-day program that is designed by Marsa Abroad around the upcoming dates of FIFA Club or the World Cup in Qatar in 2022. The tour introduces participants to Qatari culture and provides them with 1,000 feet view of the rich and engaging learning opportunities in Qatar with a hands-on and “fun” approach. A variety of activities and adventures are included in the itinerary with enough flexibility to give participants options to choose from. Marsa Abroad will be flexible and will tailor the program with additional activities as requested by sponsors or participants.

Qatar Mega Event Management, Hospitality and Tourism Course

Students will gain first hands experiences of mega event operation and management experience through several different sports events in Doha, Qatar. Students will volunteer via an official volunteer program in various mega events. This immersive course will also provide students a global understanding of sports, hospitality, and tourism and event industry as well as gaining a deeper understanding of the cultures of the Middle East.

Qatari Culture Ambassador Program

This program is intended for everyone who is interested in learning about Qatari culture such as students, faculty, educators, employees who work in Qatar, tourists, and volunteers. This is a program of cultural exploration. Through innovative technological platforms, participants will embark on a progressively deeper journey of understanding Qatari culture by exploring their own cultural identity.
Duration of the program: Minimum 6 sessions. Can be delivered in up to 16 sessions to maximize learning and build intercultural competence.
Modes of delivery: Online or Face-to-face

Virtual Educational Tours

The five-day tour gives participants the basics of Arabic language and introduces them to Qatari culture with a hands-on but “fun” approach. This tour is composed of a 10-hour virtual program of cultural exploration for learners who are interested in Qatar as the land of exciting football cup that will be launched in 2022. Five hours of the program will be spent on a variety of activities and adventures that are provided virtually to make the experience engaging for participants. Another 5 hours of the program will be spent in learning Arabic language.

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