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Effective Parenting

This program uses evidence-based effective and positive parenting techniques to help parents build relationships with their children using strategies of sympathy, tolerance, respect and patience. Some of the parenting techniques that will be explored are active listening, asking the right questions, forming realistic expectations, connecting before correcting and positive breaks. The goal of these techniques is to help children develop self-discipline, responsibility, and problem-solving skills in a safe and encouraging environment.

We like to make our programs fun, interesting and engaging. Therefore, we employ techniques that make Participants use discussion fueled by stories, real case scenarios and role plays.

Building Effective Relationships with Teenagers

Through active discussions, participants will improve their skills of building effective relationships with their teenagers and therefore bridging the gap that persists with modern day distractors. We balance our techniques with moderation and will focus on positive parenting techniques that are classified by the literature of parenting as moderately positioned in the middle between coercive techniques on one side and excessive permissiveness on the opposite side.

The goal of the program is to improve the knowledge, skills and confidence of parents to practice their role in an increasingly diverse world and to empower couples by giving them a common ground to rely on when raising their teenage children. All educators will benefit from this program because we will provide them with a framework to understand teenager discipline’s issues.

Important information for student groups:

It is not designed for academic credit. However, components of academic credit can be added to the program, if a request is received 8 weeks in advance of travel. To maximize immersion in culture of the visited country, explorers are provided with the opportunity to live with a host family.

Important information for faculty groups:

Site visits is a best practice for faculty before they start designing a quality academic short-term program abroad for their students. Marsa Abroad support for faculty site visits demonstrate its commitment to providing the students with the best experience abroad. We support faculty worldwide by providing them with unique academic tours with significantly reduced prices.

Explore Qatar: The Land of FIFA World Cup 2022

Date: 21 Dec 2019

Deadline to apply:29 Nov 2021

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Deadline to apply: 29 Nov 2021

Explore Sudan: The Land of the Black Pharaohs

Date:21 Dec 2021

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Explore Salalah: The Land of Mountains and Valleys

Date: 1-8 June 2022

Deadline to apply: 01 Apr 2022

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