Educational Consultancy Services

Marsa Abroad offers organizations a variety of tools and frameworks to develop their capacity as tolerant and understanding communities with cross-cultural differences. Please review the range of training, consultation or speaker services that we offer and reach out to us at:, if you are interested in one of our services. No payment is required to request consultation. First two consultation sessions are free.

Middle East-Focused Intercultural Learning

We customize intercultural learning, training, consultation or speakers services for students and organizations in the Middle East. Our programs use well-researched best practices that help organizations and communities build their capacity to address diversity and live peacefully together regardless of their differences. Our framework is well-founded in experience and knowledge about the industry as well as the history and cultures of the Middle East. Unlike many organizations who have limited experience in the Middle East, we customize our programs to suit the unique nature of cultures in this region.
Below is a sample of some topics:

Customized Intercultural Learning for Study Abroad Programs

We customize intercultural learning programs for students, higher education institutions and organizations. Every faculty -led program needs a pre and post intercultural agility training for their students. Since we focus on students going to non-traditional locations, we want to make sure that faculty and students have all the resources at their finger tips. This service is different from the pre-orientation service that is a vital component of our program package. It is an additional service for participants who would like to have deeper conversations and want to develop an in-depth perspective. Through this service, participants obtain the mental framework for communicating across cultures and cultural differences. It also guides them through practical skills acquisition to help them interact successfully with locals during their travel.
Below is a sample of some topics:

Academic Advising and International Experience

We provide a range of services to help students, faculty and administrators plan and make the best out of their programs successfully. Below are just examples of topics we provide training, consultation or speaker service for

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