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We are Qatar’s first and only third party providers. Through arranging travel to non-traditional but unique locations, Marsa Abroad provides students with experiential learning opportunities that help them uncover their potential and find their place in today’s competitive job market. It also empowers faculty and administrator to take their students to non-traditional locations and offer them the tools to support their educational mission.


Our mission is simply connecting students across the globe with the educational resources to achieve their personal and career goals. We connect students who want to travel internationally and acquire skills for the competitive job markets of today. Employers want more than educational degrees. Therefore, we support institutions to equip their students with opportunities that goes beyond the traditional classroom. Through unique partnership and strategic collaboration, Marsa Abroad provides students with experiential learning opportunities that helps them uncover their potential. It also empowers faculty and administrator to reach non-traditional but unique locations and offer them the tools to support their educational mission.

Vision and Philosophy

We learn from extraordinary opportunities that help us explore the unusual, appreciate the non-traditional and uncover the unknown. Each part of the world has its own culture. We help communities across the globe retain and share its original culture and values. Marsa Abroad will be the number one stop and resource for the educational communities who want to explore unique worldwide destinations

Experiential Learning

We believe in the power of experiential learning in building the world citizens’ capacity and helping them prepare well for the job market. Therefore, we focus on providing non-traditional experiences that challenge students’ traditional ways of thinking about the cultures of the world by giving them a deeper insight into diverse cultures. Our programs take students from their comfort zone to non-traditional locations to help them reach their potential.


  • Students enrolled in any type of degree and want to travel abroad for experiential learning and for building muti-cultural skills.
  • Faculty who either established programs abroad or new to the field of study abroad.
  • Study abroad staff
  • Student affairs staff who lead students abroad on academic or non-academic trips
  • Administrators who manage internship opportunities
  • Parents, individuals, groups and organizations who are interested in making the world a better place by mobilizing intercultural communications, tolerance and understanding.

Our Goals

  • Provide students and organizations with opportunities for intercultural understanding
  • Improve student development and self-reflection through experiential learning
  • Provide students with affordable opportunities to improve their competitiveness in the international job market
  • Increase study abroad opportunities in non-traditional locations

Our Philosophy

Students are the center of the educational experience. Therefore, they are the center of our operations. Our mission is helping students who want to learn and build experience through international travel. We connect them with extraordinary experiential learning opportunities. This is only possible, if students are supported and encouraged to visit destinations that are unique and extra-ordinary.

We believe that we all learn best when we are exposed to extraordinary experiences that are well planned and crafted. Rendering ourselves vulnerable to different experiences is a great source of strength, and leads to lifelong learning. Therefore, we strive to take students to destinations that are non-traditional and we work hard to set up these destinations to be safe, fun and easy to learn from. Check out this extraordinary destination

Our Values

  • Caring: We care deeply about the students
  • Diversity: We are committed to intercultural understanding and tolerance between nations
  • Professionalism: We value professionalism and integrity in the services we provide for our students, faculty, parents and partnering organizations.

Our Quest

Our cause is improving international education by improving the quality and affordability of the programs that are offered for students, we continuously seek sponsors and partners who believe in our cause. Our goal is to make experiential learning affordable for all students and to encourage students to pursue learning in non-traditional locations. We look forward to partner with local and international organizations.

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